Elite Mission Replays

As many of you know there is already an elite bonus available for elite TFOs. This bonus is awarded if no player on the team dies. Now, the elite bonuses have been added to all mission replays. A bonus of 500,000 MRP is offered and when you combine that with the 3X multiplier that's a possible extra 1,500,000 MRP on top of the already high amount of MRP for the mission replay. however, if one player on the team dies all players lose the bonus, so Leeroy Jenkins can stay home from now on.

In addition, due to MRP inflation this year most bonuses for existing TFOs and patrols have been adjusted upwards to make them more meaningful. These changes are available after the patch today.

Finally, another tour has been added to the list, this is a tour of Vaadwaur missions and should last under two hours. Massive MRP is available if nobody dies on these tours but even if they do with a 6X MRP bonus they are worth playing. Tours are held on Monday and Friday evenings at 8 PM UK time and again later if enough players and CFOPS officers are available.

Current Tours Available

Tour (MRP x 6) - Breen - Aiding the Deferi, Emancipation, Out in the Cold, Cold Case, Cold StorageTour (MRP x 6)

Borg - A Gathering Darkness, Hive Onslaught, Into the Hive, Assimilation, Borg DisconnectedTour (MRP x 6)

Terran Empire - Assault on Terok Nor, Counterpoint, Sentinels, Para Pacem, Illusion of communication

Tour (MRP x 6) - Vaadwaur - Revelations, Gone Dark, Preying on the weak, Korfez, Takedown

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