Elite FleetS, Rewards & Rank Insignia

Eligibility Changes

We have now been running these fleets for some time, and it has become clear how to set the eligibility allowances. These fleets offer unique rewards, not least a daily EC allowance, additional MRP on all events and better gear. The higher the fleet, the higher the allowances and the quality of the gear. To make it into any of these fleets you've done well, to make it into Section 47 -SRS- you are really dedicated to your craft and will be justly rewarded.

Here are the new eligibility criteria for the elite fleets.


Greater than 5 million MRP achieved and 30,000 DPS average score on the SRS DPS League

SRS Special Operations (SPEC OPS)

Greater than 10 million MRP achieved and 60,000 DPS average score on the SRS DPS League

Section 47 -SRS-

Greater than 20 million MRP achieved and 120,000 DPS average score on the SRS DPS League.

REWARDS UPDATE: Energy Credit allowance per day per fleet per rank

Rank SRS MACO SPEC OPS Section 47 -SRS-

Commander & Below 25K 100K 250K

Captain 50K 125K 275K

Rear Adm LH 75K 150K 300K

Rear Adm UH 100K 175K 325K

Vice Adm 125K 200K 350K

Admiral 150K 225K 400K

Who is eligible to join now?

The following personnel are eligible to place a character into the following fleets. You may have a character in each fleet you are eligible to join.
























Section 47 -SRS-


How do I join now?

Simply ask in SRS Armada chat for the invite, we will check the list and if eligible we will invite you. Remember only one character per elite fleet. If you are not online at the right time then leave the current fleet and email the name@accountname and which fleet you wish to join to me, matt@srs-fleet.net, I will invite you as soon as I go online, you will see the invite when you next login. Nag me to promote you to the correct Armada Rank.

What if I'm in one of these fleets but I'm not eligible?

Personnel who are members of the above fleets and do not qualify have until the end of March to ensure they reach qualification status or they will be transferred to another fleet of their choice.

How can I check my eligibility?

Simple, click on the "My DPS" button above and select your name to learn your current average DPS. To find your total current MRP score take a look on the leader board available from the MRP page or click here

Being a member of one of these elite fleets means something special, it means you are a dedicated and skilled fleet member to which others can come to for help and advice. Wear your fleet title with pride.

I don't see my name on the SRS DPS League (My DPS button)!

Because you have yet to take part in any logged event. Logged events are also MRP events but they will be on a single map, will be on Elite difficulty only, and must have a five person team to qualify for logging. Look out for these events in the SRS Armada chat channel. A few of them are:

ISE (Infected Space Elite)

HSE (Hive Space Elite)

Most of the new patrols such as "Preying upon the weak"

Tau Dewa Salvage run etc.

Logged events will have the mission code in the description posted into SRS Armada chat, look for [LOG] such as in this mission: Mediate a conflict between the Octanti and the COOP [STF][Space][LOG][Unity][Diff=8][Patrol][Fed OR KDF][Keyword = EV Suit]

It's your responsibility to take part in the events, the more you take part, the further you will progress and the greater the rewards.

Your Displayed Rank Insignia

Everyone in every SRS fleet has an armada rank. This rank should now be worn on your uniform. For example, if you are a Captain in the SRS Armada then you should reflect that on your uniform. The rank of Fleet Admiral given to you by the game is a nonsensical rank when considered as a fleet of officers. If you are an individual then STO is all about you and it may well be the case that you are a Fleet Admiral. Within the actual SRS Fleets though, like many other fleets, you should wear your rank insignia which matches your actual real SRS Armada rank, which is earned through hard work and determination. Chief of Staff have the rank of Admiral. Commander in Chief has the rank of Fleet Admiral. There are limitations in the game with regard to rankings, we have to work around that structure as best we can. Officers seen with the wrong rank on their uniform will be questioned by Section 47, be warned.

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