Hey folks, we've had our two month hold period for the elite fleets and so now is the time to send out those invites again. First a few changes.

DPS Requirements

With the changes to the Ba'ul weapons and the respective big drop in directed energy weapon damage I have lowered the requirements to enter these fleets as follows:

Section 47 -SRS-

200,000 DPS average (down from 250K)

MACO Spec Ops & Zhat Vash

125,000 DPS average (Down from 150K)

Jevonite Hardpoints

When I started offering free hardpoints they cost around 50K each. I still kept offering them for the elite fleets when they rose to 100K and even a little more. However, they are now 250K each. At this price the practice of free Jevonite hardpoints is not sustainable, so they are temporarily being withdrawn from the offer. If there are any left feel free to grab them but I won't be adding any more until the price is more reasonable.

EC allowance This is unchanged.


These have also gone as the average price has shot up through the roof, and filling the Trait repository with reasonable traits (not just the cheap and useless ones) would cost over a billion EC and can be withdrawn in a matter of days, so sorry but that is also unsustainable.


Instead, I've added ship parts you can withdraw if you want to salvage (or use) them. This is more sustainable for now.

I am unsure as to why everything in the game is so much more expensive unless it is simply a supply and demand issue. With fewer people playing the game and opening lockboxes all the items become rarer and therefore more expensive. I don't see this changing unless Cryptic actually offers something to attract back the masses of people who have left. We need another Legacy of Romulus type expansion, which the devs have ruled out, so I would expect everything to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. It's the same reason the Dilex is at its limit most of the time, Zen is in short supply because very few people compared to a few years ago are actually buying zen, hence it's cost rises.


NOTE: If you no longer qualify for an elite fleet but are still in it, you will be removed and invited to an appropriate fleet, usually SRS Command.

The following officers are invited to Section 47 -SRS-






The following officers no longer qualify (mostly through lack of play, not enough MRP)





The following officers are invited to SRS MACO Spec Ops and/or SRS Zhat Vash










The following officers no longer qualify (Mostly through lack of play, not enough MRP)







There are a few who can QUALIFY for the AEF too, check your personnel sheet to see if you do and let me know if you'd like to join.

All those above with invites can join the elite fleet they are invited to by asking online when I am available, or by doing the following:

  1. Leave your current fleet

  2. Send a mail to matt@tfr_maco_specialist saying you are now ready to join the (elite fleet name).

  3. You will be invited and next time you login your invite is waiting for you. You will then be promoted to your SRS Armada rank once you have accepted the invite.

Congratulations to those who made it into the elites.

As for those big names who've left, we hope to see you back, please note you are dearly missed, and even if you don't want to play STO any more you can at least pop into Discord to say hello to people who care about you, we are your friends.


April 1st approx LLAP

Matt Johnson

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