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Elite Fleet Changes Complete

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

UPDATE: This change has now been done. In a few days, everyone who has rejoined will be promoted back to their Armada rank. During the process it was noted that players who hadn't logged into their character in the last three weeks could not be invited back to the fleet, the game gave out an "Unknown character" error message. Therefore you will need to login to that character then ask in chat for an invite back to Chrononauts. There are also a couple of players from Section 47 in the same boat.



There will be a few changes at the top of SRS this week. Read on to learn more...

SRS Chrononauts and Section 47 Fleet swap

Shortly we will be swapping SRS Chrononauts base fleet to Section 47 -SRS-.

Section 47-SRS is our most elite fleet and as such requires a T5 starbase. Chrononauts is a themed fleet that requires projects for members to fill. By swapping fleets both functions will be realised. Once the transfer begins you will be removed from the fleet and the next time you log in you will find an invite waiting for you back to what appears to be the same fleet. If you prefer to have access to a T5 fleet full time then you may join SRS Command instead, just decline the invite to SRS Chrononauts and request invite to SRS Command. This will take place late one night so as not to disturb anyone during the gaming time. * Note this will not affect Rank 7 members(Rank 7 members of Chrononauts should request a move to the same rank in SRS Command). * Ranks will be kept the same * SRS Command is entirely finished including the colony so if you prefer to move there that's fine although we would like to maintain the temporal theme for Chrononauts. Bank items will be transferred shortly and whilst this is underway you will not be able to access bank functions. This will all be carried out on Friday 12th June evening

SRS MACO Spec Ops and Section 47 -SRS- Requirements change

The inevitable power creep has meant that what used to be difficult to achieve in terms of DPS is now a total breeze for most, this means that to remain elite getting into Section 47 and Spec Ops should be challenging and for 47, difficult.

When we started these fleets the requirements for MACO was 20K and for Section 47 60K average DPS, they are currently 60K average DPS for MACO and 120K average DPS for Section 47. As of today, those requirements have changed to the following:

Requirements for SRS MACO Spec Ops

10,000,000 MRP and 120,000 average DPS

Requirements for Section 47 -SRS-

20,000,000 MRP and 180,000 average DPS

In addition, DPS requirements were calculated on the last 50 events logged, they are now calculated on the last 200 events logged. This will have the effect of making it more difficult to achieve the required levels but once you are there it will be more difficult to lose the required level providing you take part regularly, thus lowering the turnover of Section 47 members especially.

How do I know my average DPS?

Take a look at your personnel file by clicking on the button at the top of each page, the average DPS is shown there on the right-hand side along with lots of other statistics for your character.

Will I be kicked out of the elite fleet today?

No. Whilst the requirements come into force today we only update the membership on the first of the month. So if you are falling somewhat behind on your averages then you still have over 2 weeks to address it.

What are the benefits of getting into the elite fleets?

For Section 47 -SRS- the rewards are as follows:

Rank (EC withdrawal)

Commander & Below 250K 

Captain 275K 

Rear Adm LH 300K 

Rear Adm UH 325K

Vice Adm 350K 

Admiral 400K 

For SRS MACO Spec Ops the rewards are as follows

Rank (EC withdrawal)

Commander & Below 100K 

Captain 125K 

Rear Adm LH 150K 

Rear Adm UH 175K

Vice Adm 200K 

Admiral 225K 

In addition, each fleet provides a continual supply of Jevonite hardpoints, higher levels can withdraw more as well as a well-stocked bank.

Section 47 also has a raft of rewards available on the web page which you only have access to if you are a member. On the page are free Star Trek games to download, other software, secret Alexa codes and much more. More rewards are being planned for the elite fleets in the coming weeks. Section 47 also has it's own secret chat channel for special news and events outside the general population's knowledge.

What if I can't meet the requirements or I'm just not interested in chasing the DPS?

That's fine, SRS welcomes all Captains no matter their abilities or preferences. As part of a large armada you have access to every fleet benefit, how you choose to make use of those benefits is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, this is a game to enjoy and you shouldn't feel upset if you can't make it into an elite fleet or don't want to pursue that route. There are themed fleets to enter and of course, our Allied Expeditionary Force is also an elite fleet for those who prefer exploration over combat. There is something for everyone here but if you feel something is missing or something needs to change we will welcome your ideas, just comment below.

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