Earn a Walker Class with MRP

Walker Light Exploration Cruiser

Just a reminder, as there has been such a long break in events, you can still earn a Walker Class Light Exploration Cruiser simply by taking part in the events we run daily. To win you need to achieve 16 million MRP. All points earned up to date are still current and the following are the leading contenders for gaining this great ship and their current scores:

MRP Captain

5,909,727 - @Mihajlo

5,097,268 - @mattdoody

4,043,668 - @captzabjudah

4,124,861 - @ellarion

6,425,809 - @TheRealMaulerReturns

2,568,646 - @docjohn3

4,533,119 - @bcombs79#0604

4,204,491 - @daskuma

There is still plenty of time for you to take part and we will be running events as often as possible, in addition there will be new ways for you to take part and earn MRP coming to SRS soon, and you won't have to fire a shot! Stay tuned for more information soon.

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