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Drain Builds

Progressing up the overall DPS league rankings requires multiple builds taking part in multiple leagues. Most of these builds are very easy to quantify, it's obvious if you are using FAW (fire at will), or CSV (cannon scatter volley), or EPG (exotic particle generator) and so on. However, drain builds are different. They share many visual similarities with EPG builds, for example, you will often see a gravity well or a Tykens rift, you will see spore infused anomalies and other visual cues, but to be a drain build you must be using enough drain to significantly reduce the enemy NPC's power levels to very low or zero (there are other things such as debuffing that are just as important.) So in order to qualify for a drain build in the SRS DPS leagues, your build must have a minimum of 500 drain when looking at the science stats in Sol. The problem is that you could be running a super-powerful EPG build and claim it's a drain because you threw on one drain console, this would give you a distinct advantage over real drain builds. So the rules for drain builds are as follows.


  1. When in Sol or a similar system, your passive drain must be equal to 500 or more.

  2. You cannot use the gravimetric torpedo for your build (this will be checked on the combatlog parser, if seen your build will be classed as EPG

To determine what your passive drain is, go to Sol in your ship, press "U", click on your ship, slick on Stats, scroll down and open the Science Skill-based Stats.

You will see something like this:

The circled value is the one we are looking for to be set to 500 or higher, in this ship it is at 657.

If there is any doubt over the legitimacy of the build you will be asked to send a screenshot of your stats for verification.

Any ship that claims to be drain and fails the above rules will be classed as EPG.

This rule is effective immediately.

NOTE: in place of the Gravimetric torpedo use the Quantum Phase torpedo.

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