DPS meter update

Some big changes to the DPS meter folks.

The meter now tracks only the last 50 logged events. This has the effect of giving you a more accurate assessment of your current DPS and your average is not lowered by events you did months or even years ago.

Because of this we can now lower the qualification to appear in the top ten to 5 logged events or more.

An error was corrected in loggable event records. The sheet was pulling the number of total missions logged to qualify rather number of loggable events. This didn't affect the DPS but did affect whether or not you appeared here. For example one person was appearing high on this top ten but they only actually had 3 logged events. That person no longer appears here.

A comments and advice field has been added and will report depending on your logged events and current DPS. You can now also see how many events you have logged so you know when you will qualify for the top ten. Of course you still have to be high enough DPS to be seen there.

The colours on the charts have been changed.

0-30,000 DPS, green, typical pug region.

30,000-350,000 DPS blue, typical SRS fleet member region.

350,000-400,000+ insane god of DPS who needs immediate nerfing!

I would like to add more colours on the chart but at the moment it is limited to three.

Effects. Most of you will see your DPS has risen, some of you who were in the top ten have dropped off, not because your DPS now sucks but simply because you haven't done enough logged events within the last 50 events.

To maintain your top ten position you must now ensure you have done at least 5 out of the last 50 events. If you spot any errors please shout up, this is some of the trickiest coding I've had to do yet and I wouldn't be surprised if there are errors, although I couldn't find any.

Thanks to Thor ( @bjartmar123 ) for the feedback on this system and his help in diagnosing some issues.


Matt J

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