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DPS League Update

The Verne, king of the EPG ships

Hey folks, here's news of a major update to the Space DPS leagues.

Since the new Space DPS leagues were introduced, we have seen a huge uptake in participation in the events, it seems competition is alive and well at SRS.

However, this has led to several problems. So many events are being run now that players results were dropping off the league before they had had the chance to try all their builds. So a couple of weeks ago the amount of data stored was increased from the last 400 events to the last 600 events. This may be changed again in the future but for now, it seems to be the right balance.

The next problem is that we only show a top 30 listing, and there are around 70 people taking part. This means on some of the leagues it's nearly impossible for some people to register a score at all, leagues such as Trouble over Terrh and ISE, even 30th place is in the hundreds of thousands of DPS.

To solve this problem we now have a top 100 listing. So everyone who has taken part in any event will see their ranking. It also means of course that the overall scores for everyone have gone up, these are now as follows:

Undaunted - 50 points

Courageous - 100 points

Valient - 200 points

Expert - 400 points

Champion - 800 points

Outstanding - 1600 points

Superior - 3200 points

Exceptional - 6400 points

Master 9000 points

Legendary - 11000 points

The points requirement is semi-exponential, it starts low and continues to double until it reaches Exceptional, it then levels off because it would not be possible with the events in the game as they stand to achieve the next level with exponential growth. This has the advantage of giving recognition to those just starting out whilst giving a fighting chance for those at the top.


You'll see a lot more names now on the Hall of Fame, so well done to everyone who has their name shown above. Badges will be updated this week on your website profile, please be patient it takes some time.


The DPS league chart on the website is now much much larger, you will have to scroll down to read the top 100 players. There are also two areas to note shown here by the arrows

The top arrow now highlights the player Captain's overall standing, as shown here it is Superior, a very high rank, so well done Zab.

The second and I think you will find very useful feature is that the sheet now tells you which builds you have in this league. So here we see the Infected the Conduit (ISE) league and we see that in this case, Zab has three builds missing from this league, No drain, No CRF and No Mix. This is a very quick way of telling you what builds are missing from the league and now with so many more places, you are sure to be able to increase your score by utilising all possible builds in all possible leagues.

I hope you are all pleased with this major update. If you spot any errors or odd data please shout up ASAP.

My best

Matt J

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