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DPS League Normaliser Console Available

Updated: Feb 15


Have you taken part in the DPS league? Are your earlier results holding back your average? With this console, you can remove the lowest scores you achieved from your early days in each league. It works like this.

Once you have purchased the console, you have the right to remove the lowest results in a particular damage league, e.g. let's say you want to remove the lowest damage you achieved in the EPG league in order to improve your average, you started in the league making 30K for a while and now you are making 500K, those early results are holding you back. However there is a cost for this, each result you remove costs you 20 merits. You can choose to remove only the lowest in a particular league. You may choose to remove the X lowest results in a league.

E.G. I want to remove the lowest 10 results from my EPG results, this will cost me 200 merits (10 uses of the console at 20 merits per use). I can then do the same in the FAW league if I have enough merits available. You may use purchased merits to use this console. You could even remove all your results and start again if you wish!

Go to the merit store and order your console now!

* Results can only be removed by a Chief of Operations officer trained in result removal. You will need to put in a request either in Discord chat, SRS Armada chat, or mail to one of the CFOPS, their email addresses are here: SRS FLEETS OVERALL Commander in Chief Matt Johnson (trained) contact: SRS FLEETS Senior Chief of Staff Fer (@fergamer#3657) (will be trained) contact: SRS FLEETS Chief of Staff USA John Fracentese (@docjohn3) (not trained) contact: SRS FLEETS Chief of Staff Asia/Australia Mike Driver (@enarien#4197) (will be trained) contact:

To know how many of your lowest scores for each build you should remove, please go to this new page:

This is found under the MRP menu for now.

Thanks to Irwin for the idea.

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