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DPS League Expansion

Hey guys, after a couple of weeks of very successful gameplay I've made an update to the DPS league that expands each league to show the top 30 players. As shown:

The reasons for doing this are as follows:

  1. It matches the top 30 overall placings

  2. It allows some lower-scoring players to get on the league

  3. It makes allowance for the fact that some build types are never going to compete as well as others, e.g. it's impossible for CRF to ever achieve anything close to an EPG build.

This means the Hall of Fame has had to be adjusted as follows:

I've made it easier at the start to get on the Hall of Fame, Undaunted now only requires 50 points, and Courageous is just 100. After that, it gets harder with another 100 points required for Valient and then each level rises by 200 points. This still ensures the top three ranks, Exceptional, Master, and Legendary can only be reached by players that have fully committed to their many different build types and are truly world-class players of Star Trek Online. So far, nobody has got there but I'm sure some will in time.


Some of you will now be receiving more badges to add to your burgeoning collection, and I'll get them done later today most likely. If you have received a badge you'll see a notification next to your name when you log in to the website.

Unless there are any errors or bugs, and I don't think there are, this should be the final format of the new system for some considerable time.

Feedback is welcome of course.


Matt J

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