Double EXP Today AQS4

As the SRS Exploration System evolves we will be adding random days where a specific area of the map rewards double points or some other bonus. Tuesdays are special days in the Star Trek universe, it's when everything is ready to go, all delivered and plumbed in. So with this in mind it's time to get out there and earn your EXP.

EXP = Exploration Points in SRS.

Today, the area of the galaxy we want you to double down on is AQS4 or Alpha Quadrant Section 4. Any reports submitted today from 0:00 UTC to 23:59 PST will receive DOUBLE EXP. Potentially, if you go for it, that's 1 million EXP you could earn and as the exchange rate is 1:1 that's also 1 million MRP!

Coming soon there will be awards for the best logs submitted and best overall explorers of the week. This will be awarded on Sundays just after the lottery at around 8 pm UTC.

So, what are you waiting for, warp factor 9.975 to the Alpha Quadrant, sensors to full and selfies at the ready.

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