December's MRP Console and the Console Mega Pack

DECEMBER - Like Minded

When SRS issues directives regarding what ship type, what career and so on, this is to ensure that all areas of the fleet receive equal exposure and training. Whilst these directives are not compulsory they do offer substantial bonuses to your MRP score and your standing in the Armada rankings.

Like Minded is more a trait than a console, if you have this trait, then for each of your team members who also follow the directive to the letter you will receive 2% of your total MRP score added to your final score. For example, if you and one other both have the ship bonus and the career bonus (career bypass is not counted) then you would gain an extra 4% of your total MRP score. If everyone on the team has followed all the directives you will gain 10% of your final MRP score, e.g. a score of 690,000 would give you an additional 69,000 points.

For each team member with full bonuses gain 2% of your total MRP

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC


For a limited time only, you purchase any or all of the MRP consoles with a substantial discount. This mega-pack includes the NEW Like Minded Console/trait.

See all the details for each console here:

Here are the prices for each console:

  • Quantum Chromodynamics Disruption Device (QCDD) - 25 Merits or 6 million EC (Save 50%)

  • Temporal Phasic Leech - 25 Merits or 6 million EC (Save 50%)

  • Proven Combatant - Post Combat Award Device - 40 Merits or 14 million EC (Save 60%)

  • SRS Medical - X-Quotient Support Pack - 40 Merits or 14 million EC (Save 60%)

  • Focused Energy Anti-Attenuation Device [FEAAD] - 40 Merits or 14 million EC (Save 60%)

  • Kinetic Amplification Device [K.A.D.] - 40 Merits or 14 million EC (Save 60%)

  • Like Minded - 40 Merits or 14 million EC (Save 60%)

Save an additional 10% on two or more packs


Purchase the whole mega pack for the amazing price of 50 million EC (no merit buyout). Normal price is 144 million, saving you 66%.

Get yourself set up for MRP 2021, don't miss this chance, these consoles make a significant difference to your score if you have them all and will thus propel you up the leader board for the awesome prizes sure to be awarded in 2021.

The next Mega Pack sale will be in July 2021.

This sale lasts from December 1st to December 31st 2020

To order, ask in Discord, SRS Armada chat, or mail matt@tfr_maco_specialist or

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