Cruiser Week on SRS MRP

Fly your cruiser with your engineer and take the threat, you will be guaranteed of MRP immortality as long as you don't blow up!

Begins 0:00 UTC Sunday 10th November.

Officers with career and/or event bypass packs will automatically gain the top two bonuses no matter which ship or Captain they use.

A Cruiser is defined as a cruiser if it has the word cruiser in it's description and it has some cruiser commands and an Engineering Commander Boff station. It must have all three of those to qualify.

Klingon Week

After some requests we will be running a Klingon week in early December followed by a Romulan week soon after. This advance notice is to allow you to spend some time giving your KDF toon some love! Romulans don't need love of course, they only care about crit!


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