Continual Improvements

In a bid to continue to improve the MRP system and elite fleet membership clarity I have added an "Eligibility Status" to the MRP page. This is combined with the "My Packs" page and looks like this:

Now you can see at a glance the following:

* If you qualify for any of the elite fleets

* If you have joined an elite fleet you will see your merits, if not you will see "Not Joined".

* Each merit pack you have purchased.

If you see that you have merit packs but it states you have "Not Joined" like the image shown below, this means that you are no longer a member of an elite fleet or you are no longer eligible to join an elite fleet. This could be that you've taken your character from an elite fleet and put it elsewhere or you have been removed because you no longer qualify.

Re-qualification is easy, all you need to do is continue playing and meeting the minimum requirements for the elite fleet you want to join. No merits have been lost, they will appear again once you rejoin the elite fleet.

MACO is easiest to join, then SPEC OPS and finally Section 47 -SRS- which is quite difficult to get into and maintain.

To access this new feature go to the MRP Page and select My Packs or Eligibility

NEW: You may have one character in each elite fleet!

If you have any questions please do ask in the comments below.

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