Changes to the Lottery Win a Dhailkhina Warbird

AND a Section 31 Vanity Shield.

We are changing the way the lottery works in a bid to simplify it and at the same time offer incredible prizes. It would be great to offer a ship like this every month but in reality, this lottery may run for several months before we gain enough funds to make it pay.

Please go take a look at the lottery page now to see how to enter.

This competition is live now and entries will be counted from today. When enough keys have been received the lottery will be drawn.

The old lottery of 500K EC per ticket has now ended, please don't deposit any EC in fleet banks unless it is for donation purposes.

Anyone who has already bought some tickets for the old lottery will be refunded on request, please let us know if we owe you any dosh!

The Dhailkhina Strike Wing Warbird

This is a phenomenally good ship with a multitude of different build types. I am currently running mine as a CSV ship with phasers (mostly pulse) and it hits like a truck, pulling over 400K in ISE even with me flying and over 500K in Trouble, and the build isn't even finished yet!

If you're a Romulan, or even if you're not (now we can fly anything) this is one fun ship that will not leave you disappointed.

The Section 31 vanity shield is the only shield in the game (with perhaps the Ba'ul a close second) that looks good on everything, it's very expensive and hard to get, but if you win this ship you can enjoy the awesome good looks the vanity shield will imbue upon it. Good luck.

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