Change to Fleet Invites

To facilitate fleet growth a change has been introduced to how new members are invited into SRS. If the player is invited ingame then everything remains the same and that player spends at least two weeks in the Academy prior to being moved to a themed fleet, unless they join us on Discord where we can assess the risk of bringing them into a themed fleet quickly.

However, if a new member joins us via the website, because we have their personal real-life contact details and because they have made the effort of applying to join, we can assume the risk is minimal and they can be invited directly to the themed fleet which suits their character, e.g. Romulan, Dominion, Temporal, Borg, KDF, etc.

This is valid from today and the new welcome mail has been updated. If you wish to invite ingame, please use this new welcome mail below:

Hi, and welcome to SRS.

Joining Fleet​


If you applied using our application form on the website you will be invited into a fleet that fits your character, e.g. Romulan, Dominion, Temporal Agent, KDF, Borg, or standard Starfleet. ​If you joined directly in the game you will spend two weeks in our Academy which is for our protection. However, if you join us on Discord this will be reduced normally to a day or two before you are moved to a themed fleet.



To join the main fleet chat channel, put your cursor in the chatbox and type "/channel_join SRS Armada" without the quotes

There is more information on this page: If you have any questions please ask in the SRS Armada chat channel.

SRS Armada is our general cross fleet chat channel and covers our KDF fleets too, all fleets in both armadas use this channel.

Ingame Ranking


As you get involved in our events system you will begin to rank up. Check the Personnel Button on the website to check your current rank. If you think you need to be promoted in the fleet please let an officer know. Note, this may take some time before your details appear on the website.




To join our Discord server click DISCORD CONNECT button on our website, this can be found by clicking the "Getting Started" button at the top of each page.

EVENTS SYSTEM (MRP - Mission Replay Points)


We run regular events, taking part earns you points towards the huge end of year prizes as well as big interim prizes. End of year prizes are based on your score, Interim prizes are based on participation only. You are most welcome to take part. Check out the MRP page on the website to understand how our events system works.

Contacts in the Fleet


Commander in Chief - Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST

Senior Chief of Operations - Matt@mattdoody

USA Chief - Maryjane@SRS-Elite

For various other fleet leaders please see the website.

Real World Email -

Have fun

The Team at SRS

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