CFOPS Update

Attention all CFOPS.

There has been an added incentive. Every month, once 10 runs have been added to the leaderboard by any CFOPS officer. That Officers bonus MRP points will increase to 10% higher than normal. This is an increase on the current 5%. CFOPS can see how many events they have done this month if it's less than 10 it's in red as shown in these examples below.

For those who would like more information on becoming a CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations) Where the benefits include:

FREE raffle tickets for each event you Lead.

Bonus MRP points for every event (regardless of if you have lead that event or not)

Have your say on what TFOs / Patrols take place as MRP runs.

For example. If you need say Lukari marks, and cant face having to go through with a PUG. place a call out and make that run MRP. Get the marks you want and be rewarded for it. (It really is that easy)

Please contact @TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST for further info.


Matt Doody

Senior Chief of Staff

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