Captains Week on MRP

Get huge bonuses to your score this week for flying any of the 6 Captain's Ships. This time we are also including the Enterprise F (Odyssey) as it is now featured in the new Picard Comic series. Also gain a smaller bonus for flying as a human character (any career).

An additional bonus for the amount of healing you do is also awarded as our hero captains do everything they can to keep their friends alive in combat.

Starts at 0:00 hours Sunday 15th December.

This is the last week of MRP events in 2019. MRP events begin again on Sunday 5th January at 0:00 with a special event designed to kick-start the 2020 season.

The end of year prizes will be awarded on Sunday 22nd December at 10 pm UTC. More information on this will follow in a separate blog.

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