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Be a Good Number One

Spare a thought for your CFOPS

Did you enjoy that last mission, plenty of Pew Pew and sweet juicy MRP Points? Well, spare a thought for your CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations) officer.

Whilst you are off to the exchange or the tailor or getting a coffee, he is busy trying to find out what build you actually used, sometimes difficult when everyone else is chatting on Discord, if you were in uniform and if so which one. He is inputting data taken from the combat log, checking it, adjusting the MRP Calc sheet, posting the score, updating the leaderboard sheet, back to the calc sheet and running scripts for logging and who played today for the MRP Blitz and daily bonus tables.

After all that is done, he can then relax until the next event, which he then selects, posts to the game, tries to organise a team, hoping he doesn't miss anyone, not easy when most people want to switch toons after they've already Xed up and others are trying to post their latest console into the chat window or chatting about any old thing.

Then running the event, explaining for the nth time how to access a patrol from the well-hidden patrol menu, how to transwarp to a starting point, how to switch instances so we are all together, asking folks not to skip cutscenes and voiced dialogues for the 100th time this week, getting shouted at if, after all that, he makes a minor mistake like not making sure YOU were where YOU were supposed to be before starting.

There is a reason we pay CFOPS in master keys, it's not easy, there's a lot of responsibility, most people prefer to be led rather than lead because that's the easy life. So spare a thought for your CFOPS, he doesn't have to do it, nobody is holding a gun to his head, make it easy for him, be quiet when he's asking questions, don't post to chat when a team is being organised, try to be on the right toon before an event, don't start bugging him "What's next?" before he's even finished putting in the details for the last event. Without the CFOPS there is no MRP, no prizes, no events except what Cryptic run, and remember, the CFOPS running the event is the BOSS, even the C in C will follow their directions when on their team, he is Picard, you are Riker, be a good Number One.

MRP during Liberation

There seems to be a misunderstanding from a small minority who think they cannot take part in any MRP events this week unless they are Borg. I struggle to comprehend why people get these ideas in their heads. Nowhere does it state you must be Borg to run any Liberation events, all it states is that you will get bonus points if you are in the correct ship and outfit, that's all, everyone is welcome as normal.

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