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Bank Changes and MRP this week

MRP This week:

Main Bonus: Fly any escort or raider (must have an experimental weapon to qualify)

Secondary Bonus: Use the Cannon Scatter Volley build

Tertiary Bonus for Max hit and DPS

Fleet of the week: -SRS- Section 47

SRS Weekly Endeavour: Complete 25 events for a rank point and a Master Key


The banks in all SRS fleets (except the elite fleets) are underused and full of mostly low-value items that are not very useful to most players who have been playing the game for a while. In addition, the permissions are very limited and allow people to abuse the bank as we recently discovered. A certain individual who has many toons in many fleets and never takes part in any events with the fleet has been withdrawing items from each of the fleets his toons were in on most days for some considerable time. Doc only noticed this when it appeared obvious that fleet banks were looking quite low in content. Now, this individual has not broken any rules but has pushed the withdrawal allowances to the limit and beyond. We do expect some reciprocity with the banking, if you remove something you really ought to occasionally deposit something as well or at least be an active member. This individual has been contacted and explained to him why all his toons have been kicked from the fleets.

With the above in mind, it has been decided that from now on anyone who wishes to withdraw anything from any fleet (except the elite fleets) will need to:

1. Be at the rank of at least Captain, the joining rank is commander. In order to gain the rank of captain a player must have completed some MRP events with us to gain promotion. To find out more about ranking see this page:

2. Must use the Bank Withdrawal Form linked here and found under the Fleets Menu

Enter the information required in the form and what it is you would like to withdraw. You may list several items and several quantities. Your request will be considered and if approved you will receive your items in the mail.

The above system will allow us to stock the banks over time with much more desirable items, this restocking will take place over the next few weeks.

We understand that some people will not like this change but needs must and I want to offer players some excellent gear for free but issued in a way that is fair.

I would advise all of you to ensure your rank is correct, and check your rank in the personnel files, if it matches your fleet rank in the game you're fine, if not request a promotion by asking in chat, emailing me ( ) or doc ( or Fer (

Finally, I would ask that all members continue to donate anything they like to the top tab of the bank no matter which fleet you are in. These items will be sorted and if found to be useful will be added to the fleet bank respective tabs, if deemed to be not useful they will be sold at a vendor and the EC used to buy better items to stock the bank with. Please don't deposit tribbles and food unless it's something very rare. Only deposit items that have some rarity or can be vendored for EC.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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