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Audio Captain's Log - Earn big EXP/MRP

You may now upload audio recorded Captain's logs. The more imaginative they are the higher score you will receive, up to 500,000 MRP for each one. If you go to the Llaiir System in the Beta Quadrant Section 1 and click on the map marker for that system you will get an idea of the kind of audio log that will receive the maximum MRP.

I am not going to make these for you, you need to do it yourself, however I can tell you what I used to make the recordings.

Nvidia Shadow Play to record the screen and audio.

Pinnacle Studio to put together the recordings

And this program to make use of the actual voices:

Rather than be limited to the 5 downloads a month, just preview the recording and use shadow play to record the sound.

You can do it any way you like, even narrate it yourself if you feel up to it. Throw in sound effects etc, but music should not be used, this is supposed to be a log, not a clip from a movie.

Check out the Llaiir System now, top right of the BQ Section 1 here:

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