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Assimilate This!

Yes, it's Borg Week starting today for 1 week.

Bonuses to:

A Borg character (either a Lifetime member Borg or a character that has Borg additions such as the Seven of Nine items, the Borg Exosuit from the Lobi Store etc) A Borgified ship

Obviously, not everyone has or wants the Borg Juggernaut (but you should, it's one of the best Torp boats in the game) so you may fly any ship but make it as Borgified as possible by using the Borg Vanity shield and any other Borg Visuals you can get. The fleet of the week - Obviously the SRS xBs

As Borgs are known for inflicting massive damage on their targets, this week will feature a double MAX ONE HIT bonus to your MRP score.

SRS Weekly Endeavour: Survive The Hive Combined on Elite on your Borg Character to earn a rank point and a small Borg-type reward. The Hive Combined is two TFOs combined, first Hive Onslaught followed immediately by Into the Hive (stay in the map after Hive Onslaught to be immediately transported down to the Queen's lair). Remember we are liberated Borg, we are free from the collective, and our role in life is to liberate as many Borg from the collective and do as much damage to the Queen's Hive as possible, no other creature should ever be subjected to the horrors of assimilation, we will not rest until the Borg are no more. (As such you can expect this week's MRP events to be heavily Borg based).

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