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Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Now you can check your overall SRS rank for the first time ever.

Over the years SRS has built up into a massive organisation which now includes 10 fleets. One of the things we've never really had much of a handle on is fleet ranks. Now many players have officers in many different fleets so the rank had to be Armada wide or it would be pretty meaningless and almost impossible to maintain.

With over 3 years of MRP data to pull from we have now been able to aggregate everyone's scores since 2017. Rankings are organised by total MRP score. Those who have taken part and been involved the most in the fleet activities over the last 3 years are naturally rewarded with the higher ranks that their higher scores demand.

How it works

The data is pulled automatically from the sheets and is updated in real time. This means if you are close to leveling up to the next level you can keep a close eye on your score and remind the fleet leader to promote you once achieved.

The ranks across all fleets are as follows:

Ensign - up to 1 million MRP

Lieutenant Junior Grade - Up to 1.7 million MRP

Lieutenant - Up to 3 million MRP

Lieutenant Commander - Up to 5 million MRP

Commander - Up to 8.5 million MRP

Captain - Up to 15 million MRP

Senior Ranks

Rear Admiral Lower Half - up to 75 million MRP

Rear Admiral Upper Half - up to 100 million MRP

Vice Admiral - Up to 140 million MRP

Admiral - Up to 180 million MRP

Admiral of the Fleet - Up to 200 million MRP (provisional, will eventually be 220 million)

Commander in Chief - over 220 million MRP

Ranks in other fleets There are some anomalies, namely the SRS Romulus Command and SRS Dominion Alliance. In these fleets the ranks are as follows:

Commander and lower - Lietenant (Rom) 5th (Dom)

Captain - Centurion (Rom) 4th (Dom)

Rear Adm LH - Subcommander (Rom) 3rd (Dom)

Rear Adm UH - Commander (Rom) 2nd (Dom)

Vice Adm - Subadmiral (Rom) 1st (Dom)

Admiral - Admiral (Rom) Elder (Dom)

Admiral of the Fleet - Fleet Admiral (Rom) honoured Elder (Dom)

Effects on your rank

As you can see, like most Navies we have 12 ranks, however STO only allows 7 ranks. The effect of this is that the lowest rank in any STO fleet is considered and named as Commander and lower. Now, many people who have not taken part in our events will have seen their somewhat arbitrary rank lowered to a more meaningful rank that matches their overall progress. Many people across all fleets who have taken part will have seen their rank increased. Bank Permissions

These have been equalised over all fleets as follows

Commander and lower - 1 item

Captain - 2 items

RALH - 3 items

RAUH - 4 items

VA - 5 items

Adm - 6 items

There are some very specific fleet bank repositories that are limited differently or have complete restrictions.

Quartermaster position

This has been scrapped and our fleet quartermaster, @DocJohn has been promoted to maximum rank to enable him to continue with his duties, congratulations Doc.

How to check your rank

At the top of each page of the fleet website there is a button "My SRS Rank". Clicking this will allow you to find your own rank, your total score, how many points you need to reach the next rank and what the next rank is. It also shows the top 30 ranks in the Armada.

Progression Rewards

Now we have finalised the rankings in the entire armada it will be easier to apportion rank up rewards and this will be the subject of a future blog.

Boost your Rank

Now you have another reason to take part in MRP. Note that some of the highest ranks are not necessarily the highest DPS players, they are just those who take part more. In addition you can get involved with the exploration system and boost your total MRP score daily.

Hope you all like the changes as we continue to strive to be as professional as possible.

Your displayed rank Officers are encouraged to wear their rank insignia on their uniforms which match the rank they have within SRS. It is not obligatory but it would be great from an RP aspect.


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