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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Hello all and welcome to the 2021 SRS & MRP Patch notes.

The changes to the SRS game below are designed for fairness and to reward a player for sticking to our rules such as uniforms. They are also designed to promote mission diversity rather than a series of endless ISE events. I'm very proud of our over 4,500 events in 2020, a huge record and we know of no other fleet that runs this amount of events, not even close.

Certainly SRS is the only fleet to our knowledge that uses a system like the MRP system we have in place. I'm equally proud of our DPS leagues, we don't just concentrate on one boring system but rank many systems for all our players, and not even on just DPS with the addition of the Support league earlier this year, players who enjoy the tanking and healing role finally have a league designed for them, but be warned you will have to tank like a champ to knock the J from the top spot! All members of SRS: Please read the patch notes below carefully.

If you are interested in becoming a CFOPS officer (Chief of Fleet Operations) then do please let any of the senior team know, we really could do with one or two Americans running events more often.

Finally I would very much like to personally thank our resilient and priceless CFOPS officers without whom none of this would be possible, so thank you to: (list in order of CFOPS appointments).












Last year saw an explosion in MRP points, I now understand the Devs dilemma of power creep as we saw point creep. The amount of points you can get from an event has gone from 30,000 average back in 2017 to 500,000 average now, and many are achieving much higher than this. With this in mind, the SRS Ranking system which is automated and based off your all-time score has been adjusted.

  • Note1: Whatever rank you currently have in any fleet as of now will remain, even if it shows lower on your personnel file, it will just take longer to get to the next level than it did before.

  • Note2: The rank of Fleet Admiral has been replaced with Senior Admiral and is an honorary rank, being the highest earned rank you can achieve within SRS. Other ranks such as Chief of Staff and Fleet Admiral are awarded outside of this system and chosen by the fleet leadership for outstanding service and for those with a wish to do more.

  • Note3: you cannot be considered for Chief of Staff or Fleet Admiral unless you have earned the rank of Vice Admiral proper.

Rank MRP Required to achieve rank (M = million)

Ensign 0

Lieutenant Junior Grade 3M

Lieutenant 6M

Lieutenant Commander 12M

Commander 24M

Captain 48M

Rear Admiral Lower Half 96M

Rear Admiral Upper Half 192M

Vice Admiral 384M

Admiral 768M

Senior Admiral 1,500M Chief of Staff By appointment only

Senior Chief of Staff By appointment only

Note4: If you leave the fleet and later come back you will be appointed the calculated rank from the above. We do not expect these rank thresholds to change again for some years.

Section 47 SRS

  • The MRP requirement of 20M is unchanged, the DPS requirement has been raised by 50% to 300,000 DPS average. If a candidate only or mostly runs support then this will be used to judge their application to join rather than DPS. It's vital therefore that Support Captains take part in loggable events.


  • The MRP requirement of 10M is unchanged, the DPS requirement has been raised by 50% to 150,000 DPS average. The Support comment above is valid here too.

  • Note1: DPS is calculated over a rolling 400 events and runs across years, i.e. your average DPS from 2020 is carried over to 2021.

  • Note2: There is no movement within the Elite fleets until two months have passed. So whether you stay or leave an elite fleet is not calculated until the 1st March 2021 to give time to earn the requisite MRP for the year.

Added fleet page for the Hazard Team here:

SRS Hazard Team is a new fleet where members are limited to the T5X Tempest, Maelstrom ships as the maximum (see the fleet page for full list of ships and how to acquire). As a result, the following conditions are awarded to SRS Hazard Team members.

  • MRP for a qualifying member is 20% of their total for that event added to their score.

  • Expunge is always available if requested post event.

CFOPS officers MUST ensure that the SRS Hazard Team member is in the correct fleet and has the correct ship and if a ground mission the correct uniform. The only qualifying ship is the Mirror Advanced Escort and the Fleet Patrol Escort Refit T5, T5-U or T5X. Strictly no T6 ships. CFOPS officers can determine the correct ship by either asking the member or right-clicking on the ship and reading the description.

  • Note1: Any Hazard team member using any other ship of any tier will forfeit their scores for that event. (CFOPS officers will expunge the results before upload to the leaderboard).

CFOPS will see the following addition to the calculation sheet to assign the Hazard Team member the correct points.

Until now, players who have purchased the expunge pack with merits have had the choice to expunge their data from an event if they didn't want it recording. From 2nd January this pack has been retired. There will be no refund of merits as players have already made good use of this pack. Players may choose to expunge at the start of an event if they want to take part but don't expect to do well, e.g. they may be trying a new build.

  • Note1: In exceptional circumstances, one or more players may be expunged by the CFOPS if there were specific problems, for example, bad lag for all players, or a player was disconnected. This is down to the discretion of the CFOPS officer. The exception is Hazard Team members (see above).

The following TFOs have been added to the cooldown list to prevent the continual playing of a single event. This cooldown is character-based only.

  • Infected Space Elite

  • Hive Onslaught Elite

  • Any and all loggable events


  • The cooldown period for Patrols and listed TFOs have been reduced from 24hr to 2hr per character.

  • If a character is on cooldown both the DPS leagues AND the MRP Leaderboard will not be updated. Before this was restricted to just the DPS league, this is now applied to the leaderboard too. This is to encourage a variety of events being run by the CFOPS officers, we don't want to see ISE after ISE after ISE.

  • The "Add player to cooldown list" button has been removed

  • When running the Log Space script the Cooldowns will automatically be assigned with an addon script.

  • No additional CFOPS action is required to record cooldowns.

The following events still carry a 24hr cooldown

  • Tau Dewa Salavage Run

  • Kobyashi Maru

  • Arena of Sompek

Uniforms have been updated across almost all fleets. This is for several reasons but mainly to encourage use, fleet identity, ease of identification for the CFOPS officers when scoring events.

Uniforms provide a way of maintaining discipline, recognising your enemy or ally, identifying rank, promote a sense of belonging and order and are therefore vital to many organisations from military to civilian and this certainly includes the Federation, the Dominion Alliance, The Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic.

Standard Uniform

This is used on regular SRS away missions and meetings. It has colour striping to denote your career, Tactical, Engineer or Science-based disciplines, and badges that identify your allegiance and Fleet. Captains and above can show white shoulders, anyone below should be black. This is based off your armada ranking (check your personnel files). This should be worn at all times unless going in to combat, for combat away missions you should be wearing the BLoCs (Battle Load Operations Combat System).


BLoCs is the combat version of the above uniform and features the Discovery Security vest. This is available by purchasing the Cyborg Miracle Worker Bridge Officer from the Zen store for 500 Zen. Once purchased this security vest is available for all characters on your account. It also features items from the Burnham's EV suit which you can purchase from the Discovery Reputation.

  • The bonus for wearing the correct uniform has been increased from 10,000 to 100,000 MRP and will be strictly observed.

  • No other uniform except allowed exceptions (Section 47 and Hazard Team) will count towards your MRP score.

  • When running one of the week-long special events the bonus for the special uniform that event demands is increased from 50,000 to 150,000 MRP. Details of that uniform are published with the event.

See the changes to the uniforms from this link:

Deaths in SRS events were always meant to have a large impact on the scores. At the beginning they did. However, over the years, more and more additions have been added after the death calculations were put in place thus vastly reducing their meaning.

This has now been updated and work in the following way:


Where the sum is the total of all your buffs, consoles, merit packs, uniforms etc and E is the number of deaths you may have. the +1 is to avoid a divide by zero error. So let's say you have a score of 1M MRP and no deaths, this would calculation as

1,000,000/(0+1) = 1,000,000/1 = 1,000,000

See, no change, now let's say you have one death over your allowance from XP or packs (2 max free deaths)

1,000,000/(1+1) = 500,000

with two deaths

1,000,000/(2+1) = 333,333

And so on. The first death is the hardest to stomach, after that it's lower scores all the way down but as a negative exponetial so you will never get to zero, in any case there is a lower cap for scores which you cannot dip below.

Deaths from now on will be a decisive factor and one you may wish to avoid, try ensuring your team has a support ship running with you.


The lottery will be run monthly from now on.

If you purchase a lottery ticket for 500K EC and place that amount (or more) into your fleet bank, you MUST now mail me, matt@tfr_maco_specialist ingame stating how much you deposited and which fleet. I have had difficulties keeping track of who deposited what and where this last year as the bank records are not dated and there are also bugs in the system.

CFOPS Officers will no longer get a free lottery ticket for each event they run, this will vastly help those who have actually paid for a lottery ticket. CFOPS will have to cough up like the rest of us. The C in C (me) will now be allowed to buy lottery tickets with the rest of you. The random number chosen for the lottery is picked by Alexa and done live over Discord so everyone can hear the result is live and unambiguous.

Interim Prizes

There will be 4 Interim prizes this year, each one will be a T6 Ship coupon which will allow you to purchase most T6 ships from the Zen store.

CFOPS will not be eligible to win the interim prizes this year in a bid to give others a better chance of winning.


  • CFOPS officers will be rewarded 500,000 EC for each event they run on a monthly basis. So if you run 100 events a month a CFOPS officer will gain 50 million EC at the end of the month. They may then chose to spend that EC how they like, maybe buy lottery tickets!

  • At the end of the year, the CFOPS officer who has run the most events will have their choice of Infinity Promotion Ships worth up to 1.5 billion EC.

A new maximum has been added to the gameplay multipliers of 6 times normal score.

CFOPS officers will see this as shown here, and they will select from a drop down menu the multipliers allowed.

As a rule the following multipliers now apply

  • Standard Mission Events - 1 X

  • Mission Replay - 3 X

  • Tours - 6 X

  • Arena of Sompek - 6 X

  • Kobyashi Maru - 6 X

  • Ultimates - 4 X

The reason behind this is to prevent players accruing gigantic scores for something like sompek. 6 X is still a huge score and if players wish to proceed further then they may continue to do so but the rewards will be their own personal satisfaction

The SRS Store has run for nearly two years and in all that time has sold, wait for it....


Setting up the store was a lot of hard work as each item has to be updated and logged with Paypal, shipping rates have to be calculated and much more. To maintain the store requires more work than I am prepared to put in considering it never sells anything. So from today the store is closed for good. Items such as clothing will be offered when I feel like buying some for myself, these will be infrequent, perhaps once or twice a year, look out for announcements on SRS Jackets later this coming year.

That completes the patch notes for the start of the year. I hope you all have a wonderful 2021.

Regards, live long and prosper

C in C

Matt Johnson

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