A new way to Earn Prizes


As you know, our MRP events are formulated to reward players by performance. This works great and has helped many people to improve their builds to an amazing level of performance. Prizes are issued at the end of the year based on the number of MRP points accrued during the year. This will not change, the big billion+ EC prizes are going to remain, however the interim prize reward system will no longer be based on MRP score but on how many events you take part in.

Event Participation

Interim prizes are usually worth a free ship from the exchange or a C-Store T6 token, or something of similar value. Starting from now, you will gain an event point each time you take part in an MRP event. It doesn't matter what your performance is, or how low your MRP score is, that only counts for the end of year prize. As long as you take part, you gain an event point. Interim prizes are fixed at 200 points per prize. The first person to 200 points wins the prize. This will take about 3 to 4 weeks of playing daily. You can chart your progress from the MRP Leaderboard right now. In the event of a tie a random draw will be made to decide the winner. Once the prize is issued the counters will be reset and we will begin again, towards the next prize.

MRP for everyone

Now you can join in the fun and not have to care that you only got 40K MRP and someone got 500K, in the meantime you will continue to progress towards the end of year prizes, which are from 1st place to 30th place, and trust me, you don't have to have a great build to get in the top 10, we've had certain players who die all the time, can't do DPS for squat, melt under threat and wouldn't know a heal if it was rubbed on their nacelles, but because they actually bother to take part regularly they ended up in 9th place and got a shed load of master keys for doing it.

The only person losing out now will be those who don't get involved.

Starts immediately. Next prize is a T6 Ship Token worth 3000 Zen.

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