Enjoy the space magic this week with a large bonus for science ships, a medium bonus for DPS and a small bonus for any career. Starts 17:00 UTC Saturday 18th April for one week.


It's a rollover week, don't forget to get your tickets for the chance to win a big prize and help out your fleet. See this page for more info on the lottery system.

Folding at home Our small team is banging out the work units. Don't forget you can join our team, see all the details on our Folding website here:

Elite fleets

Many of you have been asking about the elite fleets as you continue to qualify. Remember you have to maintain your eligibility until the start of the next month, the next invites will be 1st May. You must also maintain your eligibility throughout the month if you don't want to get kicked by the start of the next month. Maintain your DPS by taking part in any of the Logged events. You will recognise these from the word LOG in the mission description that is pasted into SRS Armada Chat. E.g.

ELITE: Bonus-successful completion/no deaths - 100000 :- We have located a Unimatrix with a Queen present, defeat her [STF][Space][HSE][LOG][Diff=8][Q][Fed & KDF][Keyword = Phase discriminator]

Missions that qualify are most of the new patrols, ISE, HSE etc.

Sakari System Challenge

This has been a great success with players of all abilities tracking their personal progress. Take a look at our dedicated page for the Sakari challenge, have fun and tweek your build after every run.

Fleet Membership

We are still growing steadily, I'd like to see 1000 members by the end of May. Recruiters, you have your targets!


Matt Johnson

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