Congratulations to the team shown here on reaching level 112 of the Arena of Sompek.

Shown from left to right is Zab, Matt J, Matt Doody, Mauler, Mihajlo, what a dream team. Next target is 150.

State of the fleets

Accounts are actually individual people, the other officers are those accounts with multiple characters totalling 1812. This number includes our partner fleets 111th, Taskforce 74, and Starwalkers. It also includes Red Matter -SRS- which is part of our second armada. You will hear more about Red Matter in the future when certain matters are sorted out.


Congratulations to Whispers on winning the lottery, Whispers won 94 million EC.

Several other prizes were also awarded including a D'Kora Ship won by TSE57, an infinity console choice won by Spawner, a Borg Combat Structure Kit with Kperfx2 won by JeanLuc and more. We will try to add more prizes each week.

Events and how they are played

It has been brought to our attention that some folks think that only elite events are parsed. This is not correct, unless an event is not parseable, indicated by the [NPE] in the description, then it is parsed and the difficulty level makes no difference. The confusion probably comes from the fact that we only log Elite events to the SRS DPS League and only a few special events, this is entirely separate to the MRP system and is just a way of tracking DPS for those who wish to get in the top 10 or just to see how they are performing. Also, I see many newer players saying they don't want to take part in elite or advanced events because they think they will suck. I have news for you, we all sucked once, and unless you take part we can't help and advise you. Those who have taken part have gone from under 10K dps to over 300K dps and can handle any event at any difficulty in under a month in one case, some folks take longer, but everyone improves.

You also don't have to worry about pulling the team down, in almost all cases a single one of our top players can handle the entire map on their own, so your presence must be a help, it can never be a hindrance. Bottom line is, we want you to take part, no matter what the event. If there is a fail condition on some events like HSE and the event officer feels his team will not pass the fail condition then he will adjust the team to suit. In this very rare case, you may not get an invite, but that is unlikely as there is usually enough DPS to get through the event as a 3 or 4 man team anyway.

Take part, earn MRP, win prizes, improve.

NEWS in the future

In the future, I will not be posting these news articles in each of our 12 fleets as firstly it takes too long and secondly for those with toons in many fleets they will receive a copy of the news in each fleet. So ensure that you follow and subscribe to these news reports. They will continue to be shared on Facebook and now Twitter.

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