Don't worry it's not Covid-19 it's just too much Romulan Ale!

Well, we are entering the age of the stay at home nerds, could be a good thing for gamers, but bear in mind that Cryptic employees are also working from home, we don't know how this will affect the game, if at all, but for now let's welcome all the new members we are receiving as more folks come back to STO.


The winner this week was Thor who received 11 Master keys worth around 70 million EC.

If you want to take part and help support our fleet then please see: LOTTERY


The next major event we are planning will be in May and will feature the Dominion and or DS9 themed events. Now would be a good time to start a Dominion character so you are ready for the events when they start.


Welcome to all those who have joined us recently. Please ensure you are only chatting in the SRS Armada chat channel, to join type "/channel_join SRS Armada" without the quotes.

You will no doubt have many questions, especially regarding our detailed events system, please do spend some time reading the website, there are web pages, audio guides, animated guides, tutorials etc all of which will explain how the MRP system works. We also have a builds page which can help you improve your ship.


Discord is getting very busy with up to 20 people online at any one time, please remember to avoid political discussions, religious discussions and any kind of inflammatory talk, there are folks on Discord from all over the world with different ways of looking at life, that doesn't mean their way is wrong, it's just different, remember the Vulcan belief: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.


Well, it looks like we are all going to be staying in a lot more than normal, please follow all the safety advice and remember the vast majority of you if you get it will hardly realise you have it, it's quite mild and sometimes asymptomatic. In any case, enjoy the extra time for gaming and play STO. Stay safe and well all of you.


Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

C in C SRS Fleets

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