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From the Ashes News:

Day 1 went very well, with a fantastic turnout of members, up to four teams running concurrently. We look forward to continuing the adventure this evening.

Yesterday the DPRM console was won by our top recruiter Tuvix.

Everyone who took part in the event yesterday can obtain a Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack from the SRS New Romulus Command bank in the Traits repository. If you took part but do not have a character in the correct fleet then drop me an ingame mail and I'll forward you one. We will do this each day of the event.


Rolls over for this week due to lack of sales.


Please check your rankings in the fleets by clicking on the personnel button at the top of the page and choosing your account name. If you require ranking up in any of the fleets send me a mail or ask another officer in chat.

SRS Allied Expeditionary Force

Command of this fleet has been granted to Michael Hall (Bear@Daskuma), we look forward to seeing the exploration fleets continue to grow.


We have a large number of new recruits, to all of them I bod you welcome to SRS and encourage you to spend time learning about our activities from the website. There is a huge amount of information on the website regarding our events, the MRP system, builds, lottery, news pages and so on, many questions can be answered by coming here first.


As SRS Command fills we need to ensure that those with specific characters transfer to the correct fleets. If you have a Dominion character you should transfer to SRS Dominion Alliance, if you have a Temporal character you should transfer to SRS Chrononauts, and if you have a Romulan character you ought to transfer over to SRS New Romulus Command. Most of these other fleets have access to most provisions and if something is required from SRS Command fleet you only need a map invite to be able to purchase the items you require. To facilitate a transfer simply ask in chat.

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