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Here is the current state of the SRS Armada, this is the total number of accounts in all SRS Fleets, Task Force 74, The Borg Vinculum, Federation Paladins, Lore, Red Matter -SRS- etc. SRS Fleets alone are around 450 accounts.

With so many people in the fleets, it's a shame more don't take part in our events. What we are seeing is people logging in to run the dailies and then logging out again. Hopefully, with more content coming in May this will improve the situation.

European Chief Of Staff Change

I would like to thank Jerry for his work in the fleets as EU Chief of Staff. Due to work reasons, Jerry is taking a break from the game for some time.

I am thoroughly delighted to welcome Fer as the new EU Chief of Staff. Fer has worked tirelessly over the last year and was recently promoted to Special Operations Manager, a role that he will also continue with. EU/UK CFOPS will report to Fer if they have any questions or needs. I am sure I speak for everyone when I wish Fer all the best in his new fleet role.

SRS Josh Bee Academy - New Commandant

I'd like to welcome a returning member, Darren Tansley as the new Commandant in charge of cadets and recruitment for SRS. Thank you for taking on this testing role Darren, we wish you all the best of luck in the job.

Elite Fleet Naming Convention changed

Due to a bug in the game, we are unable to change the name of SRS MACO Spec Ops correctly, so it was decided to treat all the elite fleets with the same naming convention, using hyphens to emphasize their elite status.

The new fleets are now named:

-SRS- Section 47

-SRS- MACO Spec Ops

-SRS- Zhat Vash

We will be running more DPS league events allowing more people to gain invites to these fleets.

Flash Givaway

The flash giveaway of the Volatile Boost Merit Pack was very successful with a lot of people claiming theirs. This is now over but due to its success more Flash Giveaways will be happening soon, these could be anything, so keep an eye out for the news.

SRS Team

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