From the Ashes

Our latest special event begins soon, Sunday March 8th, you will need a Romulan who has passed the Tutorial at least to take part, we encourage you to level your Romulan as high as possible and to ensure he or she has joined SRS New Romulus Command.

Learn more about "From the Ashes".

T6 Ship Token Winner & new Intel Sci package reward

Congratulations to Thor on winning the tier 6 ship token and being the first officer to play 200 missions. The new competition is already underway and remember, we are giving away two Intel Sci ships including the new Somerville with the fantastic Spore Infused Anomalies starship trait. We have improved the chance for all those taking part to win these amazing ships. For details see this blog.

Welcome new Recruits

Hello and welcome to all of you who have joined SRS this month. Makes sure your profile is public so everyone can see who you are, it's also a good idea to add your @accountname to your profile so that we can ensure you are credited for your additional MRP bonus and earn the Official Crew badge. To see how check this video.


This week's lottery is a rollover and so the prize is expected to be larger than normal. Make sure you don't miss out, enter the lottery today. If you are unsure how to enter the lottery please see the lottery page here. The lottery is how we raise EC to help fund the events within the fleet, so even if you only buy one or two tickets every little helps support. If you would like to support financially then see the support box on the main page, all help is gratefully received and guarantees amazing prizes for all.

MRP Event Saturday 29th Feb to March 7th - Carriers

Gain a large MRP boost for flying a full carrier - That is a ship with two hangar bays. The additional boost this week is our ranking system.

1st place - Additional 50,000 MRP

2nd place - Additional 30,000 MRP

3rd place - Additional 20,000 MRP

4th place - Additional 10,000 MRP

5th place - Additional 5,000 MRP

There is no third bonus this week.


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