NEWS - Winners and SALE NOW ON for MRP Consoles

We have two winners. The winners of the two Borg Juggernaut ships are:

Yoda and Pk51

Congratulations guys, hope you enjoy these fine ships.

Now you can purchase MRP Consoles

MRP Consoles are an exciting way to increase your MRP score and help you increase your chances of winning a major prize at the end of the year. They are similar to Merit Packs in that they can be purchased with merits, albeit quite a lot of merits at 150 each and no discounts. Now you can purchase them without needing merits.

Merit packs will always only be available to members of Elite Fleets who have earned enough merits to pay for them.

MRP Consoles can be purchased by depositing EC or master keys into your fleet bank.

There are currently two MRP Consoles available to purchase and there will be a new one available each month, but only for that month. Head over to the MRP Console page to take a look at what these exciting consoles can do for your score.

The price of these MRP consoles has to be commensurate with the effort put in to earn 150 merits. So each console, whilst available, will cost 35 master keys or 200 million EC.

We don't expect to sell many of these consoles but there is at least now a method for those not in an Elite Fleet to purchase them. Purchasing these consoles will directly help fund SRS projects and prizes for the entire Armada to enjoy. In order to purchase a console simply deposit the amount shown above into your fleet bank and send an ingame mail stating which console you would like. The console is yours forever and is account-wide. Please use the following banks to do this:

SRS Command

SRS Chrononauts SRS New Romulus Command SRS Dominion Alliance

Section 47 -SRS-


You may also mail the keys directly to me on ingame mail matt@tfr_maco_specialist


To celebrate this announcement we are holding a 20% off sale from now until 31st July making the cost of these consoles 28 Master Keys or 160 million EC.

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