Liberation is now over. The draw for the winners is today (1st July) at 9pm UK time.

We had 11 correct entries and 10 incorrect entries.

The answers to the puzzles were as follows:

Code 1 = 6978

Code 2 = 51965.245

Code 3 = ALPHA21ZETA5

Code 3 was where most people went wrong, they gave the code block number, BETA78X, where the code could be activated instead of the actual code. Some people gave the Stardate of Wolf 359 rather than the actual Earth date of the event which was 2367. There is no way you could enter 44002.3 in the quiz and not get killed, so this is just looking it up on the internet and bypassing the quiz which is a fail condition. The Star Trek Quiz.

109 people got as far as the Star Trek Quiz. Of those 106 people finished the quiz but only 33 got it right, 73 people got some of the questions wrong, 3 people exited without finishing. Here is the list of players who got everything right and their assigned number for the draw. The number is assigned in the order they arrived. 1. Matt Doody

2. Vyper

3. Hongzhu2k11

4. Whispers

5. PK51

6. Brian Emery

7. Yoda

8. Gasta

9. Kalknight

10. Toevin

11 Jagerking If any of you who got it wrong want to ask me privately where you went wrong please contact me in the usual way.

The Draw

We will ask Alexa to randomly pick a number between 1 and 11 twice to get the two winners.

The game remains part of the website should you wish to try again for fun, you will find it under the "Crew Area" menu, I have no plans to remove it.

Elite fleet selection and deselection day

It's the first of the month so this is the time we make our selections and deselections for the elite fleets. If you no longer qualify you will be removed from the elite fleet and invited back to SRS Command, you will know this because when you login there will be an invite waiting for you for SRS Command.

SRS Welcomes the following players to the Elite Fleets

Section 47 -SRS-







@tempest @corruptednl @sakidnasty





Allied Expeditionary Force







Available today

This console costs 150 merits, to claim it request the console from a CFOPS officer or by emailing

Change to the way consoles can be purchased

Currently, we have two systems to help boost a player's MRP score, the merit packs and the new consoles. Merit packs will always only be available to those with ACTIVE merits. If you leave an elite fleet your merits continue to accumulate but they are no longer active and you cannot use them, so please don't ask.

Consoles can also be purchased with merits, 150 each, however soon these will be available to every player in SRS to purchase with a different currency, details for this will be available in the next few days in a separate news blog.


Matt Johnson

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