Actually starting at 5pm UTC but the rest is the same.

Win the Borg Juggernaut - 10 days left

Don't miss your chance to win this fantastic ship. More than capable on any battlefront, the Borg Juggernaut sports a vast array of armaments that will make your CSV or Torp boat build shine. To win this ship (we have two to give away) play the game "Liberation" right now on our website at this link.

Section 47 -SRS- needs your help

Specifically dilithium donations. We are finishing off the T5 Engineering tier of this starbase. In a few days, we will be beginning the Military Shipyard upgrade to T5 which will complete Section 47's starbase. Even if you are not in Section 47 this is a great chance to help build up our armada to higher levels, offload your fleet marks, earn fleet credits and have another T5 starbase in the armada for future invites should you need items from such a high tier base. Helping Section 47 helps us all.


You will notice a HELP button on the MRP Calculation sheet. This is script-based and needs to be given permission to run. When it does run it pops up a checklist and helpful tips. If you think of any other helpful advice to go on the checklist let me know and I can easily add it.

LIBERATION - Our Borg Themed Event is 28 days away

Starting in July we will run our week-long Borg themed event, so now is a good time to start ensuring your Borg toon is working on the reps he or she needs, getting their ship ready, trying to win the Juggernaut etc. This promises to be an awesome event with tons of content focused around the Borg, of course, there will be a range of prizes for taking part and a badge to add to your collection on your website profile page.

Exploration - Double EXP this week

Don't forget you can earn valuable EXP (1 EXP = 1 MRP) from our Exploration system, there is a full tutorial video available on the page and full instructions on how to submit your adventures. From now until this time next week (27th June) you can earn double the normal EXP for any submissions.

SRS is 8 years old this week.

SRS started on the 18th June 2012 and we have been holding events Thursday to celebrate that. Look out for FLASH events during the next week where you can win prizes and extra MRP just by taking part in our activities. Happy birthday SRS, thank you to all those over the years who have helped make our great fleets possible. I can safely say when I started SRS I never expected it to become one of the largest and most well run fleets in STO, but I think most would agree that is what it has become.

SRS has started it's second armada

Some of you may know that we now have a second armada headed by Red Matter -SRS-. This is a tier 5 fleet and is run by Jessica and Brandon. If you would like an invite to this second Armada to help it grow please ask in the fleet chat. In the future we may well introduce new themed fleets to add to this armada. What we need now are more recruited to fill our ever-larger crew compliment.

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