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Win a Borg Juggernaut

Win a Borg Juggernaut [T6] by taking part in our upcoming browser game "Liberation". This will be opened to registered members of the website from 20:00 UTC Sunday, May 31 and run for one month. A notification will be sent in-game, Facebook and on these News pages when the game is available. Liberation precedes our upcoming Borg event of the same name that will begin Saturday, July 18th. The lucky winner of the Borg ship will, therefore, have two weeks to get it ready for the event.


The winner of the massive 247 million EC lottery prize was @shattren, thanks for everyone taking part.

Bank Deposits

Request from Doc, please don't keep putting low-quality kits and other junk in the fleet bank, if you want to help then just vendor them and donate the EC, please only donate very rare or higher items to the fleet banks, whilst we appreciate everything you donate the time it takes to sort them out more than offsets any material worth.

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