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Victory is Life Event

The Victory is Life event is now over and thanks to all those who took part. The winner of the T6 ship was Frank, so congratulations to him. The next event will likely be in July, so stay tuned to hear the latest news.

This week's MRP

Fly any ship with the name Enterprise featured in any of the shows or movies. Also, you can fly the Discovery and its new variants, the Defiant and its new variant, and the Voyager with its new variant. Use a Human, Vulcan, Tellarite or Andorian for an additional bonus. There is no 3rd level bonus this week. Starts at 17:00 UTC Saturday 23rd for a week.

SRS Combat analysis system [C.A.S.]

Learn more about our developing combat log data analysis system on this page:

Be sure to refresh that page each time you visit as the program is being updated constantly and only by refreshing will you get a fresh copy to work with.


It's a 3-week rollover this week and to sweeten the pot we are adding 100 million EC to the prize fund, so get those tickets before 8 pm Sunday (UK time, 7 pm UTC).

Get Promoted

Check out your personnel record by clicking the button at the top of the page, if your actual fleet rank (that's the rank in game) doesn't match your SRS Armada rank then you need a promotion, please click the button on the personnel page and submit the promotion request. Note: Promotions can only happen at Captain level and above (E.g. if you are shown as Captain but your ingame rank is Commander or below then you need a promotion).

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