Our Victory is Life event starts tomorrow, Saturday 16th at 19:00 UTC (20:00 UK time, 21:00 Central Europe time, 15:00 Eastern Time USA).

Also starting this week at 17:00 UTC is our MRP for the week which of course is a Bonus for flying a Dominion Ship, a bonus for being a Dominion Character and a bonus for DPS.

Visit the Victory is Life website pages for the full itinerary here:

Thor's Incredible Sakari Run

It's going to be some time before anyone beats Thor's incredible 418K Sakari run. The log reveals some of the ways it was done, it's not an easy build to put together but good luck taking on that challenge, otherwise, we expect Thor to remain at the top of that leaderboard for quite a while. Well done Thor for working it out!

Click this link to download the log

Update to the Calc Sheet (CFOPS Officers Only)

Sometimes a member will join the fleet and begin events right away, this is before the weekly update from the roster CSV export. In this instance the MRP Calc sheet will not recognise the member. Even if you copy them to the leaderboard as normal the score will still be zero. I have added a + next to each player in an event, to add that person to the fleet roster please click the + button. This will not update that player's faction or career but will give them a score, you can then add to the leaderboard as normal.

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