Today is the last day of the Voyager event. Make sure you don't miss it, starts at 8pm UTC. See our special page for this event here.

Alice has moved!

Alice has left the SRS Clothing department and is now lost somewhere else in the depths of our website, good luck finding her. If you entered yesterday you can continue to try and find Alice, if you missed yesterday then it's bad luck, you're out of the competition.

Remember, send me by email Alice's new location.

MRP Event News

As mentioned on Facebook, CFOPS officers now have a warning light bar to check that the calculation sheet is set correctly. Yellow warnings are advisory, Red warnings are stop conditions. I would also like to welcome Thor as our latest CFOPS officer.

Randomised MRP Keywords

When an event is posted on our SRS Armada channel, in order to enter the event you will need to write the keyword in the chat. E.G.

Foil an attack on DS9 by Mirror Forces [STF][NPE][Space][CPA or CPE][Diff=6 or 8][Q][Fed and KDF][Keyword = Tricorder]

In the above example, Tricorder, is the keyword. If you don't write that and just put an X in chat you won't get an invite.

A change to this system has come into effect. There is no point memorising or writing down a list of keywords any longer. A very large list of keywords has been generated and the calculation sheet selects one of them at random each time. So, next time you see Counterpoint listed, it may or may not have the keyword = Tricorder, more likely not. This list is being added to all the time and even includes some of your names if you are dedicated SRS members.


Another announcement will be made, but starting on Saturday at 8pm the next MRP event will be Dreadnoughts, any career with max hit bonus.

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