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Hero Ship Skin revamp

Most, if not all of the hero ships, those being the Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, Defiant, NX, have had their skins revamped to an incredible level of detail. We expect these skins to be available to anyone who already has those ships from around January 28th.

New Reputation?

The new Allied fleet service definitely sounds like a new reputation and a new gamut of cross faction ships. Now if they would only allow KDF to team with Feds it would all make sense. Read more...

Star Trek Picard venturing into STO?

This is far more speculative, but given recent tweets from the devs, it's quite possible that we will be getting our first captain voice overs. Our guess is Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard and Brent Spiner as data, more a wish than an expectation, but both are in the new series, and if you remember at the end of the Survivor episode we saw who we presume was Data leaving the hologram of Tasha Yar for Sela in the prison cell. It seems they've been after Mr Spiner for some time, and now with Picard, they may have landed these two giants of Star Trek. 10th Anniversary Date and New Ships

We believe it will be around the 28th January from what's being said online, but this date may change over the coming days. Several new class of ships may well become available including Warship Voyager!


Lottery Rollover

This week the lottery will roll over due to insufficient sales last week. The previous winner was Margot Celeste, again, well done Margot. We have rewarded lottery entrants with over half a billion EC since the lottery began in November. Don't miss your chance to win big.


MRP Page Update

The layout and content of the MRP page has been updated. It now includes a full tutorial for potential CFOPS Officers, an embedded page from the DPS League tips page and updated prize information for 2020. Go to the MRP page here... If MRP is new to you, watch the short video first.

SRS Code Competition - Win 100 million EC.

This is the first time we've offered a code competition. There will be three messages decoded, the winner will be the first person to send the completed code to me (Matt Johnson) by email. Read More...

New Badges

We've added a DPS King badge to those who have shown the dedication to not only take part in DPS events but who have also spent the time to research and build a beast of a ship. The above shows all the badges available at the moment. If you think you should have a badge and don't see it on your profile page then let me know. You can see your badges on your profile page.

SRS Groups

This week we introduced SRS Groups. A great new place to post all kinds of interesting tidbits from all your favourite shows and more. As long as you are logged into the website you can access the groups. Join a few groups today. There are groups for each show as well as builds, modeling and more. Go to groups...

SRS Interim Prize Winner

Congratulations go to Thor on easily reaching the 20 million MRP required to bag himself a T6 Ship coupon worth 3000 Zen. We are now running some short interim prize events until the next larger one, prizes will be EC, T5 ships and gear. Each Interim prize will require 5 million MRP to reach, and there will be prizes for the top 5 contenders.


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