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2022 MRP Starts Saturday

Well the new MRP season is upon us and starts this Saturday 8th January. At this point in time, the prizes haven't been announced but I can tell you the situation is much healthier than I thought, thanks to some big donations from some amazing players and a rather large amount of EC I found on one of my toons I didn't know I had! That was a nice surprise I can tell you.

So here are some tips to get the highest scores for the MRP.

1. Take part. The more you take part the higher your score will be at the end of the year, it's a tortoise and hare situation, we've had some of the lowest-scoring players getting to the top 5 just because they took part more than others.

2. Set your build in the member's comments of the fleet roster ingame. This gives a small boost to your MRP score if your actual build matches that which you've saved here.

The build codes you can use are as follows, only these codes work, anything else will not be recognised by the system, the codes are in bold, the description is in brackets and should not be included:

BO (Beam Overload) CSV (Cannon Scatter Volley) CRF (Cannon Rapid Fire)

FAW (Fire At Will)

Torp (Torpedo kinetic build only) SciTorp (Science EPG with Torps) EPG (Exotic Particle Generator, pure science build)

Carrier (Full carrier, must have two hangers)

Drain (Must have a minimum of 500 drain to qualify)

Support (You will be taking most of the threat and damage and doing most of the healing)

Mix (A mixed build will incorporate BO or FAW or CSV or CRF as well as torps, my mixed build has CSV, BO and Torp spread for example)

If you are unsure then use the Mix build, these codes will also be used on the DPS league charts. The database is updated weekly so if you change your build remember to update it here.

3. For ground missions wear one of the approved SRS uniforms for another boost.

4. Check the weekly bonuses, try to use a character that fits those bonuses best.

5. If you have merits available use them to buy merit packs or MRP consoles.

6. You can purchase packs and consoles from the MRP store, these not only boost your score but help the fleet finances and they are a very low price.

7. Improve your build to get better DPS, take more threat, do more healing etc, almost all factors measured by the Combat Log Parser are taken into account for the score, it's not just DPS as I am constantly reminding people.

8. Run all events, not just elite, some of our fleet events are set to Normal difficulty because that's all there is in the game, e.g. Federation Fleet Alert is always normal, but gives extra boosts.

9. Try to run Mission Replays, these are listed on the events calendar and we try to follow them as closely as possible.

10. Become a CFOPS, you will be able to choose which events to run and when. You need to be on voice Discord for this and have the SCM parser enabled but full training and help will be given.

11. Run some solo exploration missions, these award EXP which are 1:1 with MRP, go to the exploration page to find out how.

12. Avoid dying, everyone gets 1 free death, after that your score will halve each time. I highly recommend using the Temporal Specialisation for the continuity feature which will throw you out of combat if your hull gets too low. Also, use Reverse Shield Polarity coupled with the Fabrication officer DOFF to extend its duration, it's a real lifesaver. Try to run hazard emitters to remove harmful DoTs such as Borg Plasma burn. 13. Try to gain entry to one of the 3 elite fleets, which are SRS MACO SPEC OPS, SRS Zaht Vash and Section 47 -SRS-, being a member of these fleets gives you an extra 5% MRP. See the fleet progression chart for details on how to enter, and new for this year once you make it in you will not be removed, but be warned if you leave you will have to requalify (except if you leave temporarily to get a fleet ship). 14. Take part in the Science and Exploration missions, these take longer than normal missions but take you places you may have never seen before and whilst there is not much story it is interesting and gives a lot of MRP. Finally, never think you can't take part in an elite event, and don't worry about being carried. We'd sooner everyone had a go, because if you don't go and we can't form a full team then none of us can go, so just taking part will: allow the mission to run, give you a good amount of MRP, help you learn to improve, help you learn tactics and help you to feel involved. You will never be criticised if you don't do well but you may receive advice from members willing to help you improve your build or tactics.

That's about all I can think of for now, if I think of anything else I will update this blog.

Week 1 MRP

Bonus for Any ship, any race/career, bonus to DPS and Threat. Fleet of the week is SRS Command.

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