Read below for more information about the Grand Prize and all the other prizes for 2021. To take part in our MRP system simply enter our events in-game. To learn more about the MRP System click here

1st Prize - 2,000,000,000 EC

2nd Prize - 1,000,000,000 EC

3rd Prize - 500,000,000 EC

4th Prize - 250,000,000 EC

5th Prize - 125,000,000 EC

6th Prize - 50,000,000 EC

7th Prize - 25,000,000 EC

8th Prize - 10,000,000 EC

9th - 20th Prize - 1 Master Key

21st to 30th Prize - Duty Officer Packs


The top-earning CFOPS Officer will receive their choice of Infinity R&D Promo Pack Ships

CFOPS will also earn approx 500K EC per event they run.


There will be at least 4 interim prizes based not on MRP score but on attendance in MRP events, each prize is a T6 Ship from the C Store, or some other T6 ship, perhaps from the lobi store or from a lockbox (CFOPS are excluded from interim prizes)

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