MRP Consoles are highly specialised devices that you can purchase for your account using merits, master keys or EC. Once you purchase a console it will work with all your ships, some are specialised for ground operations.

PRICE: From 50 merits or 2 Master Keys or 12 million EC

To purchase with master keys just mail the keys to matt@tfr_maco_specialist and ask fo the current console. You cannot ask for previous consoles. To pay with EC please contact Matt ingame to meet up for a trade. EC and Master Keys are used to fund further fleet events and activities, your purchase will help your score and your fleet.


Quantum Chromodynamics Disruption Device (QCDD)

The QCCD is a state of the art device developed by Section 47 for SRS. It works by disrupting the strong atomic bonds between any object it encounters. The end effect is an approximate 10% increase to all damage your ship is able to produce.

Adds 10% of your DPS to your overall Score above the cap

50 Merits, 2master keys or 12 million EC


Temporal Phasic Leech (see large image)

SRS has managed to acquire a few Temporal Phasic Leech devices by various means from Section 47 -SRS-. The Temporal Phasic Leech or Temp-PL is an incredible device that can alter the outcome of a battle
after the battle is over. It is similar to the QCDD featured last month, but
incredibly it has been miniaturised for use in personal combat. Incorporating the Temp-PL into your armour will result in an increased rate of fire of your weapon that you only recall after the event is over. The affect of this is you always do better in combat than you thought you did!


Temp-PL: Adds 10 times your DPS as MRP to your final.score. (GROUND ONLY)

50 Merits, 2master keys or 12 million EC


Proven Combatant - Post Combat Award Device


Your deaths over the last 200-300 missions or so will be calculated as a divisor of how many events you ran. E.g. you ran 100 events and died 20 times the divisor is 100/20 = 5. The sheet then calculates 100th of your Average MRP and multiplies it by your divisor, so if your average MRP is 500,000 this would give 5,000 x 5 = 25,000. This is the additional MRP you can earn over and above the cap. The divisor is regulated to stop at 10, so the most you can earn is 10 times 100th of your average MRP, which for some people could be up to 60,000 MRP per event.


Proven Combatant rewards not only your ability to earn MRP but to also stay alive whilst doing it! As this is a powerful console the price is higher than normal.

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC


SRS Medical - X-Quotient Support Pack


SRS Medical has recognised the valuable work carried out by the support ships in the ongoing skirmishes across the galaxy. The performance of support ships is calculated by the X-Quotient, the amount of healing contributed multiplied by the percentage threat generated. With this X-Quotient Support Pack, or XQP, successful captains can expect to earn 5% of their X-Quotient added to their final MRP score. For example if your X-Quotient is 500,000 then you will gain 25,000 MRP added to the bottom line. 

SRS recognises that in the right hands this XQP can be a very large boost to your final score and hence have priced it appropriately.

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC


Focused Energy Anti-Attenuation Device [FEAAD]


The FEAAD is a breakthrough in focused particle physics. It has long been known that particle energy is attenuated over distance and follows the basic physical laws for light attenuation of 1/d2, where d is the distance to an object or target. Now by incorporating an annular confinement beam, similar to that used in transporter technology, the attenuation of focused energy weapons is reduced considerably. This results in 20% less attenuation and thereby increases your DPS by 20%.

Increases MRP points by 20% of your total DPS for the following builds, CRF, CSV, BO, FAW. This has no effect on EPG or Torpedoes.

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC

MRP Consoles

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