MRP System (Mission Replay Points)

MRP is the name given to our events system. It is very popular in our fleets and quite often we have to run multiple teams for events. All events are known as missions. Missions are either patrols or replays of Cryptic missions.

How to take part


Missions will be posted in the SRS Armada channel in the following format:

ELITE: Bonus available :- NP - Trouble over Terrh - [Keyword=Bolian]

To join this mission, simply type the keyword in the chat channel, in this case, you would type "Bolean"

This particular mission will give a bonus MRP if the criteria are met, this is usually a no deaths in team condition.


Scores are calculated by our custom-built spreadsheet and are based on, DPS, Threat, Damage taken, Healing done, and deaths among other things. You can get bonuses for being in the Allied Expeditionary ForceSRS MACO SPEC OPS and SECTION 47 -SRS-. There are also bonuses from our weekly events, e.g. fly any Escort and/or take the most threat. These vary weekly and are announced in the game, on the news pages and on our Facebook page. Your score can also increase the more MRP you earn, each mission gives you 20 lifetime XP which is added to your score, at 6000 XP (300 missions) you gain a free death.




If you are in MACO, SPEC OPS or SECTION 47 you can earn merits, 1 per mission. You can then buy merit packs which add to your score. You can also buy back 1 death per mission at a cost of 5 merits. There are other packs you can buy too, however, you need to be a member of SRS MACO first, automatic invites to SRS MACO are sent when you reach the requirements.

Chief of Fleet Operations

The CFOPS will be in charge of the MRP calculations sheet, will organise the events, update the leaderboard and has full access rights to the machinery behind the MRP system. The CFOPS role is very specialised, training can be given to the right candidate if you wish to be considered for the role. As a CFOP Officer, you will receive a standard 5% bonus to all missions you run on your score and you are eligible for all prizes, you also receive a lottery ticket for each event you run.



There are two categories for prizes. Short term and annual. The short term is usually the first Captain to reach 16 million MRP from the start of the competition. Once that Captain has reached a predetermined amount of MRP the prize will be awarded and the next prize event will begin. The annual prize will be for the top five Captains over the entire year. There are also other rewards given out at the fleet's discretion to the next 25 places.


Prizes for 2018 were valued at 4 billion EC.


Prizes for 2019 were valued at over 3.5 Billion EC


Prizes for 2020 are valued at $500

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