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MRP System (Mission Replay Points)

Amy and Matt talk about the MRP system

In-depth explanation video of the MRP System - 26 min

In-depth explanation video of the MRP System Calculations - 10 min

What is the MRP System?


MRP is the name given to our events system. It is very popular in our fleets and quite often we have to run multiple teams for events. All events are known as missions. Missions are either patrols, TFOs, or replays of Cryptic missions. Every member of all SRS Armada fleets can take part in our missions and earn MRP.

Why should I take part?

Firstly because it's a lot of fun. You will be running missions, mostly on elite difficulty, that you have never run before, thought that you could never run successfully at that level, and earn points which can add up to very significant prizes both throughout the year and at year-end.

How to take part


Missions will be posted in the SRS Armada channel in the following example format:

NP - Trouble over Terrh - [Keyword=Bolian]

To join this mission, simply type the keyword in the chat channel, in this case, you would type "Bolian"


Scores are calculated based on many different factors, not just DPS. See this blog to learn about all the factors that are included in your score. In fact, some of our past winners were nowhere near the highest DPS players in the fleet, they just took part regularly. You can gain additional points by having the correct uniform, flying the ship of the week, being in the fleet of the week, being the race or career of the week etc. These are published on Saturdays on our website and Facebook group so be sure to keep an eye open for the  MRP theme for the upcoming week.

What are Merits?

Each mission you run gives you one merit (1.2 merits if you have the merit amplification pack). You can use merits to buy all sorts of items to help you improve your MRP score. See our SRS Merit and Store Page for more information but basically, these are as follows:

"Merit Packs and Consoles - Significantly Increase your MRP Score"

Merit packs: Boost certain aspects of your score such as DPS or Threat to give you an improved MRP score. Click here to learn more about merit packs.

Merit Consoles: Similar to merit packs but offer a fun way of increasing your score using similar bonus systems as you would find on consoles in the game. Click here to learn more about Merit Consoles. You can always check which consoles and packs you have by looking at your entry in the personnel files.

You can purchase Merit Packs and Consoles from our Merit Store using merits you've earned in the game or by purchasing a large number of merits for real cash. Visit the Merit Store to take a look.



Other methods of increasing your score

  • Wear the correct uniform

  • Enter your build in the member's comments in the fleet roster as either, EPG, Torp, FAW, CSV, CRF, BO, Carrier, Drain, Support, Mix

  • Choose your build based on the Special Event of the week, this will be a ship type, a race or career, a focus on DPS, Damage In, Threat etc.

  • Try to get into an elite fleet by achieving the necessary requirements (see specific requirements)

  • Try to join in on the Mission Replays when they take place as these reward highly

  • Increase all your stats by improving both your space and ground build

  • Take part in as many events as possible

  • Avoid dying too much, you get one free death (more with merit packs and you also get another free death after 300 events played).


There are interim prizes throughout the year, these are in the form of ships or EC. We also hold special themed events such as Liberation, our Borg themed week, or Victory is Life, our Jem'Hadar themed week.

The end of year prizes offers something for the top 30 places, ranging from DOFF packs to billions of EC.


The CFOPS is your event organiser, it stands for Chief of Fleet Operations. The CFOPS will organise the event and publish the scores on the website and in-game. 


So there you have it, our long-running MRP system is both fun and lucrative and gives players something to do between the very long content uploads by Cryptic. We hope that you will take part, all you have to do is come with us on a mission, the rest is done for you, oh and have fun doing it.

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