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MRP Merit Packs are boosts to your MRP score that you can purchase for your account using merits. Merit Packs do not expire (but may be updated) and remain for the lifetime of the game or SRS whichever ends first. Occasionally a merit pack will be repurposed, in which case you will be refunded your original merit pack purchase price.

To purchase go to our SRS Merit Store




40 Merits


Threat Pack

Increases your recorded threat for MRP by 10%


40 Merits

DPS Pack

Increases your DPS for MRP by 10%


40 Merits

Heal Pack

Increases your recorded healing for MRP by 100%


60 Merits

Weekly Event Pack

Increases the value of the Main Special Event by 50%


60 Merits

Daily bonus Pack

Doubles your daily bonus to 200,000 MRP

Merit Pack.jpg

80 Merits

Merit Amplification Pack

Increases your merits earned per event by 20%, so 1.2 merits per event.

Dmg in.jpg

40 Merits

Damage In pack

Increases your recorded damage taken by 10% for MRP

max h.jpg

40 Merits

Max Hit Pack

Doubles your recorded maximum hit value for MRP


150 Merits

Death Pack

Allows you to die once with no loss of MRP


60 Merits

Career Bypass

Allows you to obtain the secondary event bonus without qualifying for it

Merit Boost.JPG

40 Merits

Merit Booster

Allows you to earn a small amount of MRP to your score based on how many merits you have (capped at 2000 merits)

Death Exchange.JPG

500 Merits

Elite Bonus Immunity

Allows you to earn the elite team bonus even if you died in the event


400 Merits

Pike Pack *NEW*

Just as Captain Pike deals with extraordinary events on a daily basis, your captain will have to deal with similar scenarios after each mission. A small story with random points is added to your score. The story is shown in SRS Armada chat. Points gained range from -200,000 to + 1,000,000 so there is a small risk. If you beat the scenario you gain points, if you fail you lose points. The pack is heavily weighted to success but things can go wrong even to the best Captain.

Total Dmg.JPG

40 Merits

Total Damage

0.5% of your total damage is added to your MRP score

volatile Boost.jpg


Volatile Boost Pack

Your base MRP below 1 million is subtracted from 500,000 divided by 2 and added to your score. The lower you score the more MRP Volatile Boost you receive up to a maximum of 500,000. If you score over 500,000 MRP (not including elite bonus) you will receive 0 boost.

DPS Gambler.jpg

350 Merits

The DPS Gambler Pack

Gamble that you are going to have the highest DPS in the event and win and your MRP score is Doubled! However, if you lose your score is halved. Owning this pack allows you to tell the CFOPS that you wish to gamble on the next event, you can place your bet right up until the mission starts. Once your bet is placed there is no going back unless there is a technical issue, this will be determined by the CFOPS.

Merit Packs

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