SRS Crew Loyalty Program

Loyalty Rewards.jpg

The new long term loyalty program for everyone who takes part in our events program known as the MRP system.


The rewards are as follows:


10 Million MRP - Bronze Reward - DOFF Packs

100 Million MRP - Silver Reward - 1 Master Key

500 Million MRP - Gold Reward - 3 Master Keys

1 Billion MRP - Diamond Reward - 6 Master Keys

10 Billion MRP - Gold Pressed Latinum Reward - 100 Master Keys


Note: they are not retrospective, so you won't get multiple rewards if you are diamond for example. They are forward-looking though, so you can earn a reward as you increase your all-time MRP score. The All-Time score starts from way back in 2017 and will continue as long as we are here and running events.


You also need to have run some events this year to qualify, so those with a high score who no longer play will not receive their reward until they come back and take part in an event.


You can check your current loyalty reward level on your personnel file



Thanks to all of you who have stuck with SRS and Star Trek Online over the years.