Remastered exclusively for this event for SRS by, why not start your Borg week by watching this in-depth documentary created originally by Using GigaPixel AI, this terribly poor 260p video has been upscaled to beyond HD in a painstaking process involving 20 hours of rendering. Enjoy. The video is narrated by Vaughn Armstrong, who has also played more characters in Star Trek than any other actor. Click this link to see an interview with Vaughn Armstrong

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Liberation is our week-long event for SRS in Star Trek Online. In this event, you will either play as a Cooperative Borg or a Federation officer assisting the Borg Cooperative in their fight against the Borg Collective, freeing as many Borg as possible and helping to deliver a crushing blow to the Borg throughout the quadrants. 

How to take part

Simply queue for the events in the normal manner when you see them listed. Each day will have a schedule of events at an approximate start time should you wish to plan your game time.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part but you will receive bonus MRP for being a Borg character (Lifetime Borg or character made to look like a Borg using the Borg Exoskeleton suit from the Lobi store). KDF may also join in on any of the TFOs which allow cross-faction teaming.


Each event you take part in will grant you a raffle ticket and at the end of the event there will be a draw to win a Borg Juggernaut Starship. The more tickets you have the greater chance you stand of winning the ship.

In addition to the main prize of the Borg Juggernaut ship there are daily 

prizes too. Each day someone will win via a raffle, a Borg Gear Pack

comprising the following items:


[Genetic Resequencer - Starship Trait: Regeneration Cycle]

[Genetic Resequencer - Ground Trait: Adaptive Offense]

[Console - Universal - Cutting Tractor Beam]

[Console - Universal - Retrofitted Assimilator]

[Universal Kit Module - Collective Will Mk XII]


Finally, everyone who takes part will receive the following each day.

[Borg Datacore]

[Special Equipment Pack - Borg Combat Structure Kits]

You will also gain the "Liberated"

badge to add to your website pr