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DAY 7 Fri 9th September

Time: 19:30 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Quadra Sigma System, Mission Replay - Khitomer Vortex and Khitomer in Stasis joint TFO
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Time: 21:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Alpha Quadrant - Deferi System

A full scale invasion of the Deferi system is underway. We will have a whole raft of missions to free the Deferi across their planet. These missions, whilst easy, are not often played and require some thought. All missions, Deferi Invasion Zone. Note some missions may be bugged if too much firepower is used, suggest weapons only, no kits.

Time: 22:30 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Final Photo shoot and prize giving
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase 

Meet up for one last time at the xBs fleet starbase for a final photo opportunity and to receive the daily rewards. We will also be awarding the main prize of the Borg Juggernaut ship.

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