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DAY 6 Thu 8th September

Time: 19:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Sibiran System, combined TFO, Infected the Conduit, Infected Manus
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

The entire Sibiran System has been taken over by Borg. Clear the Borg from the system and then transport over to Starbase 82 to rescue any Starfleet survivors.

Time: 19:45 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Crew Photo and free time
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Meet in the main concourse area of the Starbase for a group photograph of the Cooperative team running these missions. Afterwards, there is a short amount of free time to prepare yourself for the next mission.

Time: 20:15 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Vorn System (Cure, Combined space and ground TFO)
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase 

After failing to assimilate Starbase 82, the Borg set their sights on the Vorn System and on the Klingon Empire. The Klingon Defense Force dispatched the seventh fleet, led by the I.K.S. Kang, to retake the Vorn system from the Borg. Most of the seventh fleet was either destroyed or captured by the Borg in the initial engagement, leaving only the Kang behind. The remainder of the fleet is in the process of being assimilated, protected behind a shield being powered by a shield generator on the surface of the planet below. Captain Ja'rod of the Kang led a team to destroy the shield generator, but was captured. Save the Kang, Find Ja'rod.

Time: 21:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Mission Replay - Fluid Dynamics - Kuda System
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

The data you recovered from the Borg Cube indicates that the Borg has established a foothold in Undine space. The Undine seem to make very little distinction between alien races, so it's quite possible that the Borg presence in their home is causing their aggressive behaviour.

We can not afford a full-out war with the Undine. Their biotechnology surpasses even our most advanced technology. Therefore, we have assembled an expedition to remove the Borg presence from Fluidic Space. We've found a system where the fabric of the two dimensions are breaking down. This is our best shot at creating a stable quantum singularity.

Time: 21:35 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Delta Quadrant – Prize Giving
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Report back to our meeting place to receive your daily prize package. The raffle for the larger Borg Pack will take place now.

Missions continue at the same time tomorrow.

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