Borg fleet trans.png

DAY 5 Wed 22nd July

Time: 19:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Mission Replay - A Gathering Darkness: Omicron Kappa II
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

A Federation Colony has been infected with a Borg nanovirus. Head to the Omicron Kappa II colony and rescue the Starfleet crew trapped there.

Time: 19:45 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Crew Photo and free time
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Meet in the main concourse area of the Starbase for a group photograph of the Cooperative team running these missions. Afterwards, there is a short amount of free time to prepare yourself for the next mission.

Time: 20:15 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – CLASSIFIED SYSTEM (HIVE Combined space and ground TFO)
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase 

Our agents have discovered the location of a Borg Unimatrix. We managed to get a probe into the area and before the Borg destroyed it the readings indicated that the Queen's vessel was in the area.

This is the best opportunity we're going to have to take the fight to the Collective. I want you to infiltrate the unimatrix with a small team and defeat the Borg Queen!

Time: 20:50 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Mission Replay - NGC4447 Assimilation
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

The Borg have succeeded in assimilating the Undine! This threat cannot go unanswered. Head to NGC4447 and remove the threat. If you can rescue Borg drones along the way that would be a bonus.

Time: 21:30 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Delta Quadrant – Prize Giving
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Report back to our meeting place to receive your daily prize package. The raffle for the larger Borg Pack will take place now.

Missions continue at the same time tomorrow.