DAY 4 Tue 21st July

Time: 19:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Delta Quadrant – Mission Replay - Takedown
Meeting Point: Jenolan Dyson Sphere - Report to Admiral Tuvok.

The time has come for a final reckoning with the Vaadwaur. Cooperative vessels are being called upon to join the Alliance and end the Vaadwaur threat.

Time: 20:00 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Delta Quadrant – Crew Photo and free time
Meeting Point: Jenolan Dyson Sphere engineering department

Meet in the engineering section of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere again for a group photograph of the Cooperative team running these missions. Afterwards, there is a short amount of free time to prepare yourself for the next mission.

Time: 20:30 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Quadra Sigma System (Khitomer Combined space and ground TFO)
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase 

There are reports of Borg activity within the Quadra Sigma System. This is Borg activity we can do without in the Beta Quadrant. Take the fleet to the danger area and find out what's going on.

Time: 21:15 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Beta Quadrant – Burgus System
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

A bunch of renegade Romulans from the old Tal Shiar order are attempting to manipulate Borg technology. Prevent them from gaining the tech and rescue any Borg from the Collective if possible

Time: 21:45 UTC​

Location & Mission: The Delta Quadrant – Prize Giving
Meeting Point: xBs Fleet Starbase

Report back to our meeting place to receive your daily prize package. The raffle for the larger Borg Pack will take place now.

Missions continue at the same time tomorrow.

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